Vitrometan is a leading European company for handmade and mouth blown glassware and lead crystal products.

Since its establishment in 1922 Vitrometan was oriented to make traditional, state of the art products in a huge variety of designs and at competitive prices.

With its own modern production facility and team of designers Vitrometan is ready to meet the most sophisticated trends in the glassware industry. (...)

Vitrometan holds the most modern production facility in the glassware industry in Romania. With 230 employees we monthly produce about 40 tones of glass items with a big variety of technologies.

Our goal is to design, produce and market a large variety of products in concordance with the market trends and at competitive prices.

The most important part of Vitrometan glass production still follows the basic mouth blown techniques combined with the most modern trends. (...)

Empty decanter and glass with cognac

Vitrometan produces clear and colored glass. Further decorations can be made with sandblasting, hand painting, engraving, frosting and decoration cutting.

At present production is divided into three main categories: household glass products, decorative glass products and lightning glass.

From a technological point of view the products are divided into: mouth blown, pressed, and centrifuged.

If you need further information please feel free to contact us or visit our SHOW-ROOM in Medias.

The hours of operation of the show-room are: Monday thru Friday: 900 - 1700

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